Prizes & Awards
FRITZ LONDON MEMORIAL PRIZE to be awarded at the
International Conference on Low Temperature Physics LT29 in Sapporo, Japan.

The Fritz London Prize is awarded every three years to recognize scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the advances of the field of Low Temperature Physics.
In 2020, the London Prize is awarded to the following scientists:
Professor Frank Steglich
Professor Valerii Vinokur
Professor Qi-Kun Xue

More information and a list of the previous London Prize winners can be found:

SIMON MEMORIAL PRIZE to be awarded at the
International Conference on Low Temperature Physics LT29 in Sapporo, Japan.

Professor Jukka Pekola from Aalto University is awarded the Simon Memorial Prize for fundamental achievements in quantum thermodynamics, metrology and cryogenics based on nanoscale electronic devices.

The Simon Memorial Prize, established in 1957, commemorates the outstanding contributions to science of Sir Francis Simon. The prize is an international prize with no restrictions on nationality. It is awarded for distinguished work in experimental or theoretical low temperature physics.

A full citation and list of previous winners can be found here at the Institute of Physics.

The Simon Memorial Prize is generously supported by Oxford Instruments Inc.

2020 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Low Temperature Physics and
2022 IUPAP Early Career Scientist Prize in Low Temperature Physics
to be awarded at the
International Conference on Low Temperature Physics LT29 in Sapporo, Japan.

The Young Scientist Prize in Low Temperature Physics and the Early Career Scientist Prize in Low Temperature Physics recognize exceptional achievements in Low Temperature Physics by scientists at a relatively junior stage of their career.
It is awarded by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), through Commission C5 (Low Temperature Physics).
In 2020, the Young Scientist Prize in Low Temperature Physics is awarded to the following scientists:
Dr. Samuli Autti
Dr. Ke Wang,
in 2022 the Early Career Scientist Prize in Low Temperature Physics is awarded to the following scientists:
Dr. Qiong Ma
Dr. Xiaolong Liu
Dr. Matthew Yankowitz
Dr. Matthias Saneyuki Ikeda

More information on the Young Scientist Prize and the previous recipients can be found:

LT29 Best Poster Award
  • Nathan Eng (P20-SF1-27):
    Studying thermal transport of topological superfluid 3He under mesoscopic confinement: surfaces and interfaces
  • Timo Kamppinen (P20-SF1-16):
    Size effect in quantum turbulence observed with nanoelectromechanical resonator in superfluid 4He
  • Toshiaki Kanai (P19-SF1-01):
    True mechanism of spontaneous order from turbulence in two-dimensional superfluid manifolds
  • Ondrej Kincl (P22-SF1-17):
    Smoothed particle simulations of superfluids
  • Ryo Kurosawa (P22-SF1-04):
    Simultaneous measurements of an ultrasound and a torsional oscillator for 4He confined in a 1D nanoporous medium
  • Shaoxiong Li (P19-SF1-23):
    Long Lifetime Supersolid of Two Component Dipolar BEC
  • Jun Jian Mi (P23-SF1-14):
    Giant anisotropic magnetoresistance and quantum oscillations in the nodal line semimetal ZrAs2
  • Tomo Nakagawa (P20-SF1-19):
    Dynamics of Pinned Vortices between Oscillating Plates; Quantum Turbulence in MEMS Resonator
  • Tonghua Yu (P23-SF1-09):
    Relativistic Topological Molecular Crystals
  • Junya Endo (P20-SF2B-55):
    Upper critical field of superconductivity in nodal-line semimetals
  • Hiroki Fujibayashi (P23-SF2A-05):
    Identification of Superconducting Symmetry in Low and High Field Phases of Spin-Triplet Superconductor UTe2?by Knight-shift Measurements
  • Ryo Kawarazaki (P19-SF2B-39):
    Magnetic-field-induced Polarity Oscillation of the Superconducting Diode Effect
  • Ryo Kirihara (P19-SF2A-16):
    Attempts to realization of superconductivity in the bulk nickelate Nd0.8Ca0.2NiO2
  • Oliver Kurtossy (P22-SF2B-36):
    Crossed Andreev Coupling in Parallel InAs Nanowires
  • Ryoya Nakamura (P22-SF2A-16):
    Thickness-induced crossover from strong to weak collective pinning in exfoliated FeTe0.6Se0.4 thin films at 1 T
  • Kosuke Nogaki (P23-SF2A-18):
    Strong correlation effect and parity transition in CeRh2As2
  • Rikuto Oiwa (P19-SF2B-62):
    Time-reversal symmetry breaking superconductivity in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides
  • Ichiro Oya (P19-SF2B-63):
    Creation of Novel Layered Superconductor with Molecular Chirality
  • Nancy Schmidt (P22-SF2B-45):
    Experimental signatures of Lifshitz-invariants in the kinetic inductance of Rashba superconductors
  • Hidemitsu Takahashi (P23-SF2B-43):
    121/123Sb-NQR study on the superconducting Dirac line-nodal material CaSb2 under hydrostatic pressure.
  • Yuki Tanaka (P23-SF2B-64):
    Structure and superconductivity of alkaline earth metal Strontium at low temperature and high pressure
  • Siddharatha Thakur (P20-SF2A-14):
    Towards optical operation of Josephson transport
  • Masashi Tokuda (P20-SF2B-46):
    Observation of Little-Parks oscillations in Bi/Ni bilayer film
  • Yuta Watanabe (P20-SF2A-21):
    Quantum and temperature effects on crystal structure of superhydride: A path integral molecular dynamics study
  • Alexander Weitzel (P22-SF2B-59):
    DC-Current Stimulated Superfluid Stiffness and BKT-Transition in Ultrathin Superconducting Films
  • Soichiro Yamane (P20-SF2B-49):
    High resolution Kerr-effect study for detecting time-reversal symmetry breaking in unconventional ordered states
  • Leilee Chojnacki (P20-SF3A-17):
    Analogues of light and gravity in the collective excitations of quantum magnets
  • Tatsuto Hatanaka (P23-SF3B-27):
    First-principles study of intercalated transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Eria Imada (P22-SF3A-27):
    NMR study on Bose-Einstein condensation under magnetic fields in quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet YbCl3
  • Shohei Imai (P19-SF3B-39):
    All-optical momentum-resolved spectroscopy in correlated insulators
  • Aprem Joy (P20-SF3A-01):
    Dynamics of Visons and thermal Hall effect in perturbed Kitaev models
  • Masaki Kondo (P22-SF3B-14):
    Study of anomalous Hall effect and quantum oscillation in EuMg2Bi2 with field-tunable Weyl points
  • Hitoshi Muneshige (P23-SF3B-12):
    Elastic softening due to the quadrupole interaction between the singlets of the crystal field in HoNiAl
  • Toshihiko Muroi (P20-SF3A-35):
    Domain Control by Magnetic Field in the 5d1 Double Perovskite Ba2MgReO6
  • Naoki Nagasawa (P23-SF3B-31):
    Development of Field-Angle-Dependent ESR Measurement Method under High Pressure by Thermal Detection
  • Kurea Nakagawa (P23-SF3B-07):
    Observation of single-material Peltier effect using magnetic phase transition in Mn2-xCrxSb
  • Daichi Nakamura (P22-SF3B-20):
    Bulk-boundary correspondence of non-Hermitian point gap topology
  • Mizuki Ohno (P20-SF3B-14):
    Maximizing anomalous Hall effect by tuning the Fermi level in simple Weyl semimetal films
  • Ryohei Oishi (P19-SF3A-16):
    Tuning of Kondo effect by electron and hole doping in the honeycomb Kondo lattice compound CePt6Al3
  • Kentaro Shoriki (P22-SF3A-17):
    Magneto-optical responses of massive Dirac fermions derived from kagome magnet TbMn6Sn6
  • Tsubasa Takagi (P22-SF3B-01):
    Mid-infrared injection current in magnetic Rashba semiconductor (Ge,Mn)Te
  • Yuki Tanaka (P23-SF3A-03):
    Physical properties of a quantum spin liquid candidate κ-(ET)2Cu[Au(CN)2]Cl at low temperatures and high pressures
  • Shogo Yoshida (P23-SF3A-15):
    Systematic NMR Study of Intermediate Valence Compound SmS
  • Haruto Yoshimochi (P19-SF3A-39):
    Multiple-step topological phase transitions in a centrosymmetric tetragonal magnet GdRu2Ge2
  • Lingfei Zhang (P19-SF3B-09):
    Fabrication and magnetotransport properties of LnRuO3 (Ln = La, Nd) single crystalline thin films
  • Tatiana Iakovleva (P20-SF4-07):
    Ultra-precise distance measurement in an optomechanical system
  • Tappei Kawakami (P19-SF4-13):
    Electronic structure of monolayer VS2 thin film studied by ARPES
  • Shunta Kitahama (P23-SF4-29):
    Kitaev Nanoribbon Model with Boundary Dephasing
  • Marti Gutierrez Latorre (P22-SF4-04):
    Chip-based magnetic levitation of superconducting um-sized lead spheres for macroscopic quantum experiments
  • Searbhan Gearoid O Peatain (P20-SF4-17):
    Comparison of Simulation and Experimental Results of Travelling Wave JPA's in the Three Wave Mixing Regime
  • Yuta Suzuki (P22-SF4-18):
    Spin Polarization, Spin Diffusion, and Spin-Charge Conversion in Chiral Metals
  • Kazushi Yokoi (P19-SF4-28):
    Electrical properties of the graphene/WSe2 short-channel device
  • Kai Kikuchi (P22-SF5-13):
    Optimization of the stopping position of a highly energetic 84Rb atoms injected into superfluid helium
  • Petra Knappova (P22-SF5-10):
    Study of thermal boundary resistance between metal and 3He at ultralow temperatures
  • George Charles Ridgard (P20-SF5-03):
    Cryogenic n-MOSFET Voltage Amplifier with tunable power consumption for Quantum Transport applications